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Pre-Op Information

Your child will be having surgery by one of the pediatric urologic surgeons of Pediatric Urology Associates.  Information regarding the preoperative period, the day of surgery and the postoperative period can be found here on our website.  If you have any additional questions, please call us.


Surgery Locations: Hospitals

You may not yet know the location where your child’s surgery will take place. Please visit our Hospital page for a complete list of possible surgical facilities for your child's upcoming surgery. 

Before Your Child's Operation

When you are called to set a surgery date, please also schedule your child’s postoperative visit. The authorization for your child’s surgery pertains only to Pediatric Urology Associates. It is the responsibility of the insured member to contact the hospital and the anesthesia department to confirm participation with your insurance plan. As stated by all carriers, the authorization obtained is never a guarantee of payment. Payment of the claim submitted will be based on the benefit plan and determined only by the insurance carrier. Deductibles and Coinsurance will be the financial responsibility of the guarantor.

before your child'e operation
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